1st pattern collection almost finished!!!

In continuing work with the pattern collection I had been previously working on, I took a turn and decided to focus on a different collection for the time being. I had worked my design into a corner and decided to set that project down and return to it later.

In the meantime, I revisited the first pattern I made, changed the colors and have been building a collection around it. I am happy with my results so far. I have two hero prints, two secondary prints and a blender print. I will continue making some minor tweaks to this collection and plan to add one more secondary print and one more blender print to the collection. All together, I will have 8 patterns in this collection. With each pattern I continued to integrate botanical and geometric objects with a whimsical flow. Each one is different and can stand alone but work together as a whole. I have really been enjoying this process and look forward to having a finished collection very soon!

Helio, an all encompassing gardening app.

helio-moodboardAbove is a moodboard for an internet of things project that I worked on with Melodie Trottier. In the midst of Winter Quarter we were tasked with developing an idea for an internet of things project and then designing an app and creating a mock up of the device/system that is controlled via the app. Melodie and I decided to create a year round gardening box system that would be ideal for urban dwellers, modular, easy to ship and assemble and controled via an app. In addition to designing the app and creating a mockup we developed a social media strategy and marketing materials, including a landing page built using a bootstrap theme. Check out our presentation below to learn more!












And check out the Helio landing page here!

More details about this extensive project will be posted soon!

A new found love for creating patterns!!!

After learning a great process for creating patterns by taking a tutorial on Skillshare with surface designer Elizabeth Olwen, I fell in love with creating vector patterns!!! I have always loved patterns and had a passion for having them in my life. Now I have a passion for creating them and am continuing to experiment with building new patterns and am aiming to build my first pattern collection. Pattern collections consist of patterns that are contrasting yet balance one another other and create harmony as a whole. Pattern collections may feature a “hero” pattern that has many elements, movement and a more complex color palette.

In the collection that I have started (see below), I do not yet have a “hero” pattern but have created a few more simplified patterns with a simplified color palette and only a few elements. In the middle and bottom patterns, you can see that I only used one element and varied how they interact with the space and with one another. These patterns are pretty stable would be considered to be blender patterns in a pattern collection. I would like to experiment with these three patterns some more and add a couple more patterns. I may try to bring in a “hero” pattern to this collection, but that would really be working backwards. So we’ll see, I may just save that for my next collection.patternexamplesforblog

A poster based on a Confucius quote…

This is a poster I designed for one of my assignments for my poster design class. I really enjoyed taking this class. One aspect of the work process that was really emphasized was the brainstorming process for coming up with a concept.

We started with word association and then visual association. Here is the quote that I was working with, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” Confucius

At first I thought of journeys, of trials and tribulations. I envisioned mountains and long distance runners. I even got a Grateful Dead song stuck in my head. The song “Fire on the Mountain,” starts out with the lyrics, “Long distance runner, what you standing there for. Get up, get off, get out of the door…”

I then started to envision a slow dance and thought of relationships and the journey that two people go through with each other. It was a very romantic vision. Perhaps it was because it was nearing Valentines day when this poster was made, but this was the imagery and concept that I felt most drawn to. So I created a poster featuring a couple slow dancing.


My Solution for Healthcare Management

This slide explains the system that I designed for national medical records storage and patient communication and interaction with their healthcare providers:

Med App Presentation8

See how I incorporated the elements into the desktop version of the app for patients below. I designed the dashboard for the desktop version and mobile version, as well as, built out three taskflows for the mobile version of the app. Take a closer look at the desktop dashboard here: summitdesktop



And here is the mobile version of the dashboard:



After designing the dashboard I focused on three taskfl0ws. Current medical apps have many of the tasks available in the app that I designed but the service and task that they do not have is the ability to obtain and disclose medical records. With the system that I designed patients are able to do this for themselves and anyone else they have legal permission to. The process follows HIPPA compliant laws. So to show this process two of the taskflows I designed show how this process works in the Summit Exchange Hub.


Here you can view my mobile taskflows in marvel:

Taskflow 1: Sign up & obtain records with the Exchange Hub 

Taskflow 2: Scheduling a new appointment

Taskflow 3: Using the Exchange Hub to disclose records to a clinic 

See below for my wireframing and design implementation process:

Med App Presentation9

Med App Presentation10

Med App Presentation11

Med App Presentation12

Med App Presentation13

Med App Presentation14

Healthcare Management System: Defining the problem & User Personas

After researching numerous documents about electronic health records and medical apps I gathered data via a user survey and professional interviews with medical professionals. I  had conversations with 2 physicians, 1 physicians assistant, 1 nurse and a clinical therapist. All of which believe that having a universal system for health records could be beneficial for healthcare. All this data helped me to define the main problem and to come up with user personas for the system I designed. See the results below:
Med App Presentation

Med App Presentation2

Med App Presentation3

Med App Presentation4

Med App Presentation5

Med App Presentation6

Med App Presentation7


The Designed Report for my Healthcare Management Research

I finally finished writing and designing the research paper concerning healthcare management. It was a very challenging task. It has been many, many years since I have written a research paper and I have never written one concerning medical and health issues. There were so, so many resources to sort thru and decipher. My bibliography list is quite long and many documents that I came across did not make it into the report.

After writing the long document, I decided that it needed to be summarized and fleshed out with some infographic elements to make the information more digestible.

Below are a few pages from the paper and you can check out the full report here: SummitResearch
MedApDesignedReport23 MedApDesignedReport24

MedApDesignedReport211 MedApDesignedReport218

Design for Summit Health Management System

After experimenting with different color palettes and typography choices I came up with a mood board to be the foundation of my design for designing the different elements of both my research and the medical app.

To achieve the appropriate identity for this project I need a design that is clear and concise. A look that is both serious and trustworthy.  Modern yet established. It needs to have an appeal that can be appreciated by a diverse group of people as it is meant  for use on a national level.

The colors are gender neutral and appropriate for the subject of health and medical matters as well as political considerations on the subject as the system is a national issue.

Here is the mood board that I came up with:



Take a closer look here: MedApMoodboard

The artwork of Margaret Kilgallen

Margaret Kilgallen (1967-2001) is an artist that I learned of some time ago but has recently re-entered my network of inspirational artists and designers. I love the simplicity and quirkiness of her work. As well as, admire her dedication to depicting women who have inspired her.  She loved and practiced printmaking, typography, painting and graffiti and often collaborated on work with her husband and fellow artist Barry Mcgee.

Her work was inspired by folk art and she had an encyclopedic knowledge of signs drawn from American folk tradition gathered from her experiences as a librarian and bookbinder. This interest was translated into the visual poetry she found in urban environments. She visited environments such as train yards and studied marks left from visitors over the years past and left her own drawings. She is also known for her painted room-size murals that pay homage to handmade signage.


Her work directly translates and combines her interests in signage and inspirational women.



Notice the simple flat design that she employs with broad color fills and minimal lines. As well as her muted color palette. Her passion for books and her love of typography paired covers her murals with poetic layouts creating interesting textures and calming color palettes.

This video by Art21, filmed in 2000, shows Kilgallen and Barry McGee tagging trains. She talks about the lives of three inspiring heroines, banjo musician Matokie Slaughter, blues guitarist and buck dancer Algia Mae Hinton, and early 20th C. Olympic swimmer Fanny Durack, that she explains, “did small things but hit me in my heart.”

The two artists are associated with a movement known for its DIY art that incorporates imagery from the everyday. The movement is depicted in the film Beautiful Losers.

Here are some images of some of the work she created in urban environments and train yards:




Her work about women revolved around her desire for women to be perceived in a more authentic manner. She stated, “And I especially hope to inspire young women, because I often feel like so much emphasis is put on how beautiful you are, and how thin you are, and not a lot of emphasis is put on what you can do and how smart you are,” she said. “I want to change the emphasis on what’s important when looking at a woman.”

Here are some more works featuring women:




She also had a love of nature and created a series of trees. The handcrafted care put into her designs expresses the passion that she had for all of her subject matter.

R3MK040-LORES                                            Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.52.28 PM


Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.53.34 PM


Her work has been shown at Deitch Projects and the Drawing Room in New York, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and the Luggage Store in San Francisco, Forum for Contemporary Art in St. Louis, and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. Kilgallen’s work was also presented at UCLA Hammer Museum.

I hope to create work as meaningful and authentic as her body of work. As a women who constantly paid homage to the lives of great women, she deserves to be credited among them.

Find out more about her on PBS’s Art 21.