Avialae Magazine

Print Design/ Branding/ Art Direction


Challenge: Develop a brand concept, curate and design a magazine.

Deliverables: Brand and Style Concept, User Personas, Flatplan, Magazine Design for print

Project Duration: 11 weeks

Solution: A quarterly magazine all about birds with curated stories including contemporary and historical articles, as well as art inspired by birds and information for bird watching.

Avialae features stories that are geared for readers that are academic, outdoorsy, curious and/or artisitic. Because most articles have cultural significance, Avialae has a broader reach and is also accessible to readers who do not identify as bird enthusiasts.

The magazine is divided into four sections:

Observe: Various stories about encounters with birds and bird explorations
Reflect: Historical stories that focus on the relationship with birds and humanity
Portray: Articles that feature artists that portray birds
Birdwatching: Some tips for birders including featured birdwatching spots

*** All content was collected from various online and print media sources.

I had a lot of fun with this project and made some new discoveries in the process. I learned of the amazing formations of Starling murmurations and discovered a few artists. Check out some of my favorite spreads below!






The Avialae moodboard
The magazine flatplan