Helio Garden Box System

Visual Design/ UI/ UX/ Branding/ Prototyping/ Marketing


Helio Garden Box System
Helio Garden Box System

Challenge: Develop a concept and design for a internet of things product, design prototype and develop and design marketing.

Deliverables: Research, Product Concept, Brand and Style Concept, User Personas, Customer Journey Map, Product design, Prototype, App design, Social Media Strategy, Marketing Materials

Project Duration: 5 weeks

Collaborators: Melodie Trottier, Angela Ciccu (photography)

Solution: A modular garden box system with a sensor that tracks moisture, temperature, light and soil nutrition, synced with a mobile app.

Helio is a modular system designed to serve urban dwellers with limited space with the capability of expanding. The system can be set to an automatic or manual mode. 

The design provides users with complete data about their garden as well as learning and sharing abilities through a community platform.

Helio App Screens

Helio was designed to provide users with complete data about their garden as well as learning and sharing abilities through a community platform. Above are screens from the Helio dashboard, nutrient panel, blog,  photo panel and camera.


Take a closer look at the designed taskflows via the Marvel prototyping app:

Taskflow 1: Sign in for the first time, basic settings, water garden

Taskflow 2: Nutrients notification, check nutrient details

Taskflow 3: Go to blog post about radishes and greens

Taskflow 4: Go to sharing option, take photo, share photo

The Helio Garden Box photo credit: Angela Ciccu 2015

This is our garden box prototype. It was designed to be completely modular. It is easy to ship and build, assembly requires no tools. Additionally, the system can accommodate multiple boxes which can be linked together.

Garden boxes come in different sizes and the user has options for different types of boxes such as a warmer climate box, tomato box etc… The standard box comes with a plastic lining, a heating pad, a spigott and hose,  and the Helio sensor.


photo credit: Angela Ciccu 2015

Here is a closer look at the Helio sensor. It was designed to be camouflage and blend in with the plants in the box. The sensor is powered by the sun. It has solar panels facing in multiple directions to collect more sunlight and stores energy to stay powered even on cloudy days.

The sensor syncs with the mobile app  and gives daily reports on moisture,  light exposure, temperature and soil nutrient levels.

Helio Marketing



Helio may first be introduced to people in different ways. We developed a variety of marketing materials. Including seed packets and starter plants, brochures, a magazine add and a landing page.

Helio Magazine Ad


Helio landing page: View the full site here!

Our landing page gives an in -depth look at the different packages offered for sale as well as how the whole system works. Additionally, it features testimonials and social media calls to action. Check out the full site here! 






After compiling user survey data, we researched technical logistics and competitors on the market. We found that there is no single product that does everything that we are seeking to do with this design. We then mapped out a customer journey with post its and sketched our wire frames as well as box design and assembly process.

If you would like to check out our process further, you can find that here!