MOHAI Toys Exhibition

Print Design/ Branding/ Marketing

Challenge: For MOHAI’s Summer of 2016 exhibition Toys of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, I contributed to aligning MOHAI’s branding with the style of this traveling exhibition by creating MOHAI style graphics and marketing collateral.

Deliverables: A MOHAI exhibition branded logo, digital marketing ads, a billboard and quarterly programs brochure

Project Duration: Marketing design and deliverables for this exhibition were created over a period of 4 months.  

MOHAI rotating’O’ yoyo for Toys exhibition

The Toys exhibition logo along with a marketing style guide was provided, however MOHAI’s style needed some tweaking to match the style of the exhibition. MOHAI has a rotating ‘O’ with a new design for every exhibition. I designed the yoyo ‘O’ to work as a stand alone graphic and within the MOHAI logo.

As well, to promote the exhibition, I created various collateral. One of the first pieces I worked on was a billboard featuring one of the exhibitions historical toys, the troll.

I also created many digital ads and a quarterly museum programs brochure in which more of the exhibitions colorful toys were featured.

While a basic style guide was provided with the exhibition, I was still able to have creative freedom with playful layouts.

MOHAI Toys billboard on Holgate St
Suite of digital ads
Wallpaper ad for the Seattle Times
Wallpaper ad for Portland Monthly
MOHAI Toys branded quarterly brochure (folds into a mailout)