Spintime Laundry App

Visual Design/ UI/ UX/ Branding/ Marketing


Challenge: Develop a concept and design for a mobile laundry app.

Deliverables: Research, Brand and Style Concept, User Personas, Customer Journey Map, App Design, Social Media Strategy, Marketing Materials

Project Duration: 5 weeks

Collaborators: Erik Maxwell, Chey West

Solution: A laundry app for both apartment dwellers and apartment management. The app facilitates communication between the machines, residents and management for the purpose of scheduling, payments and maintenance.


Take a closer look at the taskflows I designed via the Marvel prototyping app:

Taskflow 1: New User Sign Up, Reserve wash and dry for now and complete wash and dry

Taskflow 2: Sign In, Reserve Wash for 3pm, Dry for 4pm, complete wash, problem with dryer

Taskflow 3: Management gets notification for flagged dryer. Sign in, Go to dryer 3 details, reset dryer, unflag dryer, send tenant $5 credit



Marketing Materials


Preview of our landing page. View the full site here!


User Testing
Customer journey map