Summit Health Management System

Research/ Visual Design/ UI/ UX/ Branding



Challenge: Research interaction with medical records and patient portal systems, write a report, design a universal system for the US.

Deliverables: Research Paper with summary, Brand and Style Concept, User Personas, Mobile and Desktop App design for patients

Project Duration: 22 weeks

Solution: A national health management system that is comprised of secure data hubs with accounts for both patients and medical professionals.

The designed app for patients includes an exchange hub for obtaining and disclosing medical records and communication with doctors, hospitals and clinics.

A graphic to show the Summit network

With consideration for how electronic records work, the various types of electronic records and the agenda of the federal government to adopt a universal health records system in mind, an ideal universal system and patient portal has been designed. The Summit system includes the following:


  • A national system of secure data hubs with patients accounts
  • Both patients and providers are connected to the system
  • Patient control over who has access to their data
  • Data is encrypted while being transferred and stored
  • Patient opt in to allow for anonymous data to be given for research purposes
  • Access to and ability to fill out all necessary authorizations in the Summit app
  • An app for patient access that is also a patient portal for scheduling appointments, receiving new lab test and imaging results, communicating with medical team, receiving health summaries, device syncing, managing medications, and managing family member data and access for authorized representatives



Here are some examples of the Summit mobile app.

From left to right: The mobile dashboard, the welcome screen that introduces the user to the medical records exchange hub, part of an authorization form, secure electronic authorization and confirmation of a request.

Take a closer look at the taskflows I designed via the Marvel prototyping app:

Taskflow 1: Sign up & obtain records with the Exchange Hub 

Taskflow 2: Scheduling a new appointment

Taskflow 3: Using the Exchange Hub to disclose records to a clinic 



This is the Summit desktop dashboard. I designed it to have a flexible layout according to user needs. Users can expand the sections of their chioce to have more details available in the dashboard. As well, users can collapse sections that they use less frequently.



Cover and two pages from the Summit Research report


When I realized how much research this project required, I was advised to write a research paper. The paper was written with APA style citations and includes a designed full report and a summary which includes a few infographics.

Check out some of my pages below. Please contact me if you are interested reading the full report.





Above is the results from a user survey that aided the development of the project. And below are user personas created to help define different user needs.

summit-user-survey-persona1 summit-user-survey-persona2 summit-user-survey-persona3